Dream Journaling – I want to ride the wave!

So last night, I dreamt that I was in this kind of lagoon/bay with a few people (none who I know in real life), and I was on a HUGE orange surfboard. The lagoon was very calm, but we swam over this very deep trench which had cold water rising out of it, and my board was so big that it kept dragging me down. But I was determined to not get left behind by my peeps, so I kept kicking and caught up with them. Then we decided that it was time to actually surf, so we got out of the lagoon, and walked through this ridiculous maze of a building to get to the other side of one of the cliffs that housed in the lagoon – that was where the waves were. But even though we walked forever, and we could tell that we were really close – we could hear the waves crashing, we could smell the salty air – I woke up before we got there.

Hmmm…. am I maybe holding onto something which is dragging me down? Am I going after a goal which is just out of reach? Am I almost there? Give me some insight!!

– Finch