Quick Thought: Definition of Insanity

Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. Like calling Ex. Sure, the last couple of times that we talked we had some nice conversations. But the last three times I’ve called, he has not returned my calls, texted me to say “Hey, I’m busy right now. I’ll hit you up later,” or even emailed to tell me to F-off. So why do I keep calling? Loneliness, euphoric recall, utter insanity? I think any if those will work for me excuse.

Don’t do stupid things. It’s not just a clever name – they really are stupid.

– Finch

We’re both in the same boat

I have this problem with jealousy. I have such amazing friends, and they frequently live their lives in the ways that I (sometimes) wish I lived mine. For example, R always seems to have an amazing boyfriend who is perfect in every way, and if they break up, then she goes on to date an even more perfect guy. Or J will go out and meet three hot guys, two new besties, and a former NFL player who invites her to chill with him and his wife in Spain for the summer. M just got a job where she is making almost double what I make, and her brother makes over $100,000 and he is three years younger than I am. So it’s not that surprising that I have issues with envy.

Only, R and I were hanging out the other day (pre-SXSW) and I finally brought this up to her. I was telling her how much I would absolutely love to be in her shoes when it came to guys because she always has this bevy of menfolk who crowd around her and worship the ground that she walks on. And they’re not cretins either – these are incredibly hot, employed, all-around decent fellows. I just felt as if she had this streak of luck that I had only ever dreamed of, and it would be nice to know that I could always have a date if I wanted one.

“I can see where you’re coming from, but believe me, it’s not the way it looks from the outside.”

“I know. I am completely aware of that. But from the outside, your grass is not only green, it’s a freaking jungle.”

“But the way I see it, we’re both in the same boat. We’re both looking for that new person, the true love, and whether we’re seeing several different guys or taking time to figure out what we want, we’re still ultimately not where we want to be yet.”

Here’s the thing with R – she is not only one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, she is also incredibly intelligent and self-aware. Which makes her absolutely perfect, which is very hard to live up to. I thought a lot about what she said, and she was right.

Because, here’s the thing. I’m not very good at dating multiple people at the same time, and I’ve never been very good at casual dating. If I’m not totally into someone, what’s the point in continuing the relationship? It’s one thing to say, “Yeah, we’re never going to get married, but this is really fun, and let’s just make this last for a while.” It’s something else entirely to say “We don’t really get along, and the sex isn’t that great, and we want completely different things out of life, but we’re too scared to try something new, so let’s just stick it out.” I think that too many people get caught in that second situation, and I have never wanted that for my life. Plus, I feel like time works in weird ways for me. I haven’t even been divorced for a full year yet, but I feel like I should already be in a committed relationship working towards marriage number two. And it’s probably a really great thing that I am not there – I doubt that that relationship/marriage would last very long if I rushed into it.

As it turns out, my jealousy was pretty misplaced. Do I want the experiences of getting to date several nice, cute, smart guys? Sure. Do I want to go through all of the drama and the game-playing that goes with that? Not even a little bit. Do I want to go out and meet tons of new people and have them invite me to exotic locales? Duh. Do I want the hangovers and the missed connections and the exhaustion? Not really. I’d love to make more money, but I also love the flexibility that I have with my job and the fact that I really do only work 40 hours a week. And let’s be honest – I don’t live the lives of my friends. I have absolutely no idea what goes on in their heads on a day-to-day basis. It’s pretty easy to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the street. But we rarely see the work that goes into that lawn, or what goes on inside that house. Maybe we’d be better off if we worked on our own grass rather than comparing it to the landscaping of someone else.

– Finch

Sometimes people can’t hear you

I was so freaking mad yesterday, and you know what I was mad about? Movies. Specifically, about $200 worth of DVDs that Ex “borrowed” last summer. These included the first three seasons of The Clone Wars, all of which he had purchased for me as birthday presents; High Fidelity and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I had owned long before we got together; and Love and Sex, which was Tripp’s and my movie, so I think Ex just took that to break the DVD. He was supposed to bring them back, then he couldn’t. Then he was supposed to mail them back, and he forgot. Then he “did” ship them back, but they never made it to me, and he had no delivery confirmation or insurance placed on them.

I wanted to email Ex and tell him what a horrible person he was, explain how freaking pissed I was that he had taken these and never returned them, and let him know that he was lower than low to steal from me, especially when he still owes me $8,000 in unpaid bills (can you tell I have some pent up anger here?). Before I could dash off the email, I decided to go for a walk to work out exactly how I would tear him apart piece by piece when mi madre telephoned me. As I was explaining all of this, she started laughing, which is something she often does when I am mad abut something stupid.

“I’m sorry, I just think it’s so funny that you are mad about these movies when Ex owes you $8,000. Like, you know you’ll never see the money, but at least the movies he should be able to send back to you.”

She then went on to explain something to me which should have been self-evident, but which I very much needed to hear from an outside source.

“It doesn’t matter what you say to him in an email, or over the phone, or even in person. He can’t hear you. Do you remember how surprised you were when he didn’t understand why you wanted a divorce? You had explained everything for months, you all had been fighting for over a year, and yet when you finally said ‘I want a divorce,’ he felt it had come out of left field. That’s because he is not in a place where he can hear what you are saying. So while it might make you feel better to tell him off and curse him out, he will just continue to say the same things he always has, and he won’t understand why this is such a big deal, and you will only get mad all over again.”

This made total sense to me. How many times had I been in a situation where I just wanted to explain it to someone? “I never want to talk to you again, and let me tell you why.” “I need you to know why I can’t have you in my life anymore.” “Let me just set the record straight on why I am going to do what I am going to do, no matter what you say.” More often than not, I did not get the response that I was looking for in any of these situations. I would pour my heart out, end the communication, and then… they did not come running back to me with the correct response. Or if any of them did, it was way too late, and I no longer cared that they got it.

I did not send the email to Ex. Instead, since I get upset every time we speak, I think I should take some parental advice and not talk to him for awhile. Maybe not speaking will get my point across in a way that explaining things never has.

– Finch

Be careful what you wish for…

I just finished reading Eat Pray Love, and I was feeling very magnanimous and open with the world. So as I was trying to meditate the next morning (rather than getting dressed and ready for work), I decided that I needed, as Liz did in the book, to formally let go of Ex and Tripp. Yes, I realize that divorcing Ex was a pretty clear way of letting him go, but still – I wanted to do it spiritually as well as legally. I said “Tripp. Ex. I release you both from my life, from my heart and from my soul. I pray with all of my heart that you find happiness and that you you heal from any wounds I may have caused, accidentally or intentionally. Please go forth from my life and be happy.”

You know what really sucks about letting go? You are now thinking about this person. I had laughed about it just a month ago – why was I so caught up in Tripp getting engaged when we’ve been broken up for ten years, and I didn’t really think twice about Ex, even though we were marries for four years, and it had been only six months since our divorce. The very next night, I got the bright idea to text Ex. Because I missed him. Because I had “let him go” and put thought towards him.

So we start talking, and we’re having a fine conversation, and I’m telling Ex about this blog when…

“Would you be alright if I went out on a date?”
“Well… yeah. We’re divorced, you don’t really need my permission.”
“And we can still be friends?”
“Nope. You’re dating now, I hate you, there is no way we can be friends.” I was only half joking.

In reality, I wanted Ex to feel every last bit of pain and remorse that I went through; I wanted Ex to go through every second of heartache. You remember that movie Twister? When Helen Hunt and her aunt are upstairs at her aunt’s place, and the aunt says “He didn’t keep up his part of the bargain, to die pining for you.” Hunt kind of chokes up a bit, and says, smiling, “Was that too much to ask?” Then they laugh about it. I want to get to the point where I can laugh about it. Where I can say “I don’t care that you caused massive pain, self-doubt and hurt in my life. Just go off and be happy.”

Except, that is kind of what I did when I released him from my life. Which brings up another point. Universe?? WTF??? I ask you to make Ex happy and less than 48 hours he’s going on a date?!? I’ve been asking you to make me happy for six months!!! Where’s my frigging knight in shining armor?? You and I are going to have some words, do not mistake it!

So yes – I realize that I asked for this, that I prayed for this. And I am more than well aware that this is all for the better. I did not, nor do I ever, want to get back with Ex. And I also recognize that going on a date does not mean that he is happy. As is evidenced by this blog, I go on dates, and they don’t make me happy. I make myself happy with other things and friends. So yes, Universe, I am happy, and I really do wish well for my exes, all of them. But I’m just saying, sometimes getting what you ask for really bites the big one.

– Finch

Your hair may not define you, but it is part of the dialogue

My FBB (fake big brother) recently commented that he liked my hair better when it was a darker red – it’s more of a strawberry blonde now. This threw me into a complete tailspin, where I felt the need to ask every single person I knew what they thought of my hair, whether they liked it better dark, and whether they thought my hair matched my personality.


When I got home, I brushed my hair out and looked at it. It had been a pretty dark red/mahogany for around 18 years. There was some change in that time, but no one could say in that time that it was not some form of red, and it never went lighter than an auburn. I had explained to my FBB that after the nearly two decades of redness, my divorce, and my lack of dating success, I felt that the blonding was a good way to break away from who I was, and become the new and improved me. He understood that to a point, but he felt that I was trying to be someone that I was not.

No duh!!!! The person that I was was not someone who I wanted to be anymore. I have some pretty great characteristics, but I also have some not so great ones, including my penchant for obsessing constantly about EVERYTHING in my life. Guys, do not feel that all of my attention is based on you, oh no; I will similarly obsess over my job, my friendships, my health, my general disposition. And I would like very much for this to stop. I don’t like that I go to everyone for their advice and their insight – I would much rather rely on myself for wisdom and strength.

I like my newly lightened locks. I feel that they soften my features, make less of a contrast with my constantly pale skin, and are just more interesting than my one shade red. It is indeed a much different look than I have sported in the past, but 1) it’s just hair; and 2) change is a good thing. Sometimes you need to change yourself on the outside to recognize the changes that are happening on the inside.

People are always telling me to lighten up. I doubt that this is what they meant, but I’m going with it.

– Finch

So I married a tea-partier

My wi-fi was going completely haywire, and I couldn’t get the password to work to save my life, so I had to take drastic measures. I called my ex-husband. The last time we had texted, he had said that he didn’t think we should talk for the next few months because it “messed with [his] head.” Okay, whatever, I don’t have to talk to you or tell you how the dog which you left behind is doing. She’s much happier with me anyway. But when it comes to matters of technology, where even Time Warner Cable was unable to offer assistance, I had to reach out.

It started off well enough. “Hey, I hope this isn’t a bad time. The wi-fi is completely off the fritz, and I keep typing in the password and it’s telling me that it is incorrect. Do you remember what you set it as?” “Sure, I can help.” And he did. He figured out what the problem was, got everything squared away, even helped me set up a new password which would be easier for me to remember. But while we were waiting for everything to reset…

“I’m really disappointed that I voted for Obama.” Um, okay. “The first time or the second time?” Let me just add here, that we actually threw an Obama victory party after the first election. I should also note that I am a centrist Democrat. I voted for President Obama both times, I agree with 90% of his platform, and I had thought, with the exception of some gun laws, that my ex was on the same wave length with me. Ex comes from a gun-loving family, and he had made me more comfortable with them, but really, other than that, we used to see eye-to-eye.

“Well, the second time. He’s just completely trampling on the Constitution.” “How?” “Well he’s taking our guns away.” “Okay. Again, how?” “Well, he says that he’s going to sign all of these Executive Orders to take away our guns, and outlaw all but the most basic types of guns. Then he’s going to force us to get mental health checks.” “Well, I can see why you’re scared then, because you would most definitely not pass!” No, I didn’t really say that, but trust me, it is so freaking true. We then went on into a 20 minute conversation where he told me that he had military friends who were telling their commanding officers that they were not going to follow any of the President’s orders if he went through with these actions. Also, Ex had spoken to many police officers who said that they were just going to ignore any new gun laws, and Ex thought that was wonderful.

As I quietly sat there and listened to him prattle on, it occurred to me, some eleven months after our separation and a mere six months since our divorce, that I had no idea who this person was. This person who blasted the President for taking advantage of a national tragedy (“Don’t you think that he has the responsibility to respond to the shooting??” “No, he needs to work on the more important things, like stop taking all of our money.” “But you don’t work.” “That’s not the point!”) was so far removed from the man that I had married four and a half years earlier that I was suddenly uncomfortable talking about politics with him. I was always taught not to talk politics or money with strangers, and yet, here I was, doing that very thing.

We soon thereafter ended the call, and I went on with my day, but not without feeling a bit downtrodden. This was someone who I felt I had know better than my own self, who I had trusted with my innermost secrets and dreams, and who I had placed all of my trust and faith with, and I absolutely did not recognize who he was anymore. Do people really change that quickly? Or had this been who he was all along, and I had just ignored it? Either way, that is something which is going to be at the forefront on my next foray into dating.

Because, really, you like the idea of cops who ignore laws? What a dope!

– Finch