So that’s a date…

After Friday’s oral adventures, I was a little hesitant about what was going to happen with Dan next. He and I were supposed to get together on Monday, and after texting a bit, we decided to hang out at my place. However, I was freaking out about having Dan in my apartment, wondering how he would act with my pup, whether it would be awkward (generally, freaking out in a very Finch-like manner). Thank all the heavans, he had to work late, and we decided that it would be easier to meet up at his place.

So I made the long trek up north, got there, and… got a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Wait, what?? You’re not pushing me against the wall? Are you mad at me?? We sit on the couch, we chat, we talk dinner options (he had offered to cook for me or take me out since I had made the drive over to his place). He decided on this (awesome) little Italian place which had some of the best Neopalitan pizza I’ve had in ages. When we got there, we sat and… talked. You know, like about our days, and what we had done over the weekend. And he was telling me about heading over to the lake with some friends, and that we should go there together sometime. It was all so normal, and easy. I was seriously waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Then we went back to his place, so here’s where I’m expecting the physical stuff to begin. Except, no, we started watching The Avengers, and we just sat there on the couch. Now, let me be clear – he had his hand on my leg, and I was leaning against him, and halfway through the movie, I laid down and he put my legs in his lap (where it was clearly obvious that he was in an excited state), and he kept rubbing my legs, but other than that, nothing. This was so far outside of my realm of understanding, I fianlly had to say something. We were near the end of the film, when I asked, “So are you practicing to be a saint?”
“Well, I haven’t even gotten a kiss from you tongiht. Did you get your fill of me last week?” For those of you who are rolling your eyes at my stupidity, please understand that I said this with a smile and a teasing tone.
“Shut your mouth. You know better than that.” With that he kissed me. “I’m just trying to show you that I’m not all about the sex.”

I laughed, kissed him again, said okay, and we finished the movie. After the film, we sat there for a little while, kissing so lightly – they were probably some of the sweetest kisses I’ve ever experienced. Then I said I needed to head home, and he walked me to my car, again kissing me so sweetly that it was intoxicating.

My experiences in dating have either been guys that I was friends with for months first, so the only thing that changed was the physical aspect, or guys that I just slept with. Going on a full-on dinner and a movie date with someone is so outside of my wheelhouse that I almost don’t know how to react. For those of you who this is your normal dating routine – I better not ever hear any whining out of you. You are lucky beyond belief. Then again, I seem to be having pretty good luck right now too.

– Finch

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