Quick thought – Miss Independent

I was listening to the radio, and that song “Miss Independent” by Neyo came on. Now, I like this song, and I like Neyo, so I was rocking out, singing along, when something struck me. The song is a guy singing about some girl that he’s falling for, and some of the lyrics are as follows: “car and a crib, she’s bout to pay them both off/and her bills are paid on time.”

Why is this something to write home about? Isn’t everyone supposed to pay their bills on time? Isn’t that just kind of common action? Is it so rare that people would pay their bills on time that this is now something to be celebrated?

I asked my mom these questions when she rightly pointed something out – my sister is currently dating someone in their 30s who does not have a job, and who has not had a job in over a year. He has no issue with sponging off of her and our family. Ex had a pretty flexible relationship with jobs. J just went on a date with someone who did not have a job and was not looking for one. In fact, as I talked to more of my girlfriends, it became apparent that there was a dearth of men out there in the dating world who were not working in any way, shape or form.

So maybe that’s why they’re looking for women who pay their bills on time…

– Finch

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