Don’t give up on us!

The thing that scares me about living in a world where so many people online date is that it is much more difficult to spot the creepers. Usually, out in the real world, you can spy them out. They won’t approach you, or they just have that creepy sense about them, so you can escape to the safety of your girls before you exchange vital information, like your names. But online, these guys can create any persona which they desire, and you may fall for profile, and be sorely disappointed by the man. Luckily with this guy, I never had to meet him.

So I was spending a little time on OKcupid, beefing up my profile, adding some pictures, answering a ridiculous amount of questions, when I get a notice that I have a message. This guy has written to me, and right off, I’m a bit smitten. Why? Because he obviously read through my profile. This was not a “Hey, wassup?” message. No, no, he saw what my interests were, he commented on my movie taste, he showed a keen interest. I then read his profile, and thought, “Wow! We are totally on the same page!” We were both in similar places with school/work. We both had dogs, and ran with them frequently. I was loving it.

We email back and forth over the next couple of days, and then we set up a date. Nothing too stressful – just coffee. Here’s where the awkwardness began. Almost immediately after we had set the date, he started sending me strange messages. “I can’t wait to meet you and see your beauty before me.” Okay, I like to be called beautiful, but a little much. “I’m counting down the very minutes until we see each other.” We weren’t meeting for another three days – that’s a lot of minute-counting! “I’m not even worried about what to say, because I just want to stare into your eyes.” And, we’re done.

If this were all, I might have gone through with it, but this continued up until the day before we were supposed to meet. At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I messaged him that I wasn’t going to be able to make it, but that we could reschedule. Yes, I lied. Apparently, I had meant a lot more to him than he meant to me. “Don’t give up on us!!!” was sent to me multiple times before I blocked him from being able to view my profile.

Maybe I should have been more like Selina Kyle in Batman Returns (that’s from 1992, FYI) – “The sickos don’t scare me. At least they’re committed.”

– Finch

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