I’m 20. That’s not a problem, right?

Here’s the thing. When trolling for a date on an online dating site, more often than not, people will have their preferences listed out. Whether they are into women or men or both; what age range they are looking for; if religion is important to them. Some criteria is flexible, and some is not, but we put these limitations out there because this is what we feel comfortable with. So if I have stated that my desired age range is 25 – 38, guess what? I don’t want to date guys who are unable to buy me a beer while watching a game. Additionally, I am not really interested in guys who are as old (if not older) than my parents. While I appreciate that age is just a number, it is an important number. See, I don’t want to date someone who can commiserate with my dad about the good ole days, nor do I want someone who might dump me to date my sister who is almost ten years younger than I am. I get that you could be a complete kid at heart, but if you’re thinking about retirement, and I’m still wondering how working in the real world plays out, there’s a bit of a disconnect. And believe me, if you are 18 – 22, you don’t know anything. I don’t care how mature you are, I do not care how beyond your years you feel – you are a kid, and you do know jack. I can freely tell you this because I used to believe that I was easily one of the most mature and worldly-wise 22-years-olds ever, and you know what? I was a flipping idiot. I over-reacted, I jumped to conclusions, I acted like the very embodiment of a college student. And that’s okay. That’s how it is supposed to be.

But the next time some underage goofball asks me out, I’m going to tell him that I usually stay up past his bedtime while drinking in a bar.

– Finch

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